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The 2016 Grammy Awards

Every year I get to go to the radio room at the Staples Center a few days before the Grammys air. A ton of radio stations from all over the country come to L.A. and get to interview artists. It's pretty cool! This year I worked on social media for Mix 104.1 and for Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy. It was a blast! Here are a few photos from backstage at The 2016 Grammys!

Had a chance to hang with Tori Kelly and James Bay before their amazing duet on the Grammy broadcast. Both are just lovely. James Bay was a blast, really just fun and playful.

One of the coolest parts of working all day is after everything is finished, someone performs. This year one of the performers was Nathan Sykes. This kid has pipes!! Sang flawlessly. Really great! Below is a picture I snapped during his live performance. He must have a million teen girls as fans because that picture is still being tweeted and retweeted!

I got lucky taking this picture, he locked eyes with my phone.

The other performer was Mike Posner. His hit Cooler Than Me debuted in 2010. He has really changed his tune, no pun intended. His new EP called The Truth is great! Very different than Cooler Than Me. Her performed I Took A Pill and Buried In Detrtoit. So cool to see him sing live and play an instrument. He is an entirely different kind of artist than I thought he was. His EP has been on repeat on my Apple Music. I love both of those songs. He's an awesome live performer! Way more talented than people give him credit for.

Elle King!! Such an amazing voice. It's hard to believe she's comedian Rob Schneider's daughter. He's so silly and she is just so cool.

One of the OG American Idols, David Cook! He talked about his hair and how bad it was when he first auditioned for idol. His hair is pretty magical in real life.

Jess Glynn, a fellow ginger. Had a ticket for the show but had to get back to the UK for a show. She was so bummed! I look like I might be falling asleep in this photo and I'm convinced that her lovely accent is lulling me to sleep.

Charlie Puth does not want to talk about making out with Megan Trainor!! I will say, that was before she won her Grammy last night so his tune may have changed. He's a funny kid, always playful and a great interview!

The always hilarious Margaret Cho!! So great to see her. I had to compliment her for a performance I saw forever ago at The Comedy Connection in Boston. She had the flu and performed like a champ. It was beyond impressive!! Poor thing had a fever and still killed it.

Hailee Steinfeld!! Actress, singer, model. My fav of course is her role in Pitch Perfect 2!!

There are more photos and I'll eventually post them. This is one of my favorites, me and my big brother Fast Freddy!! So great to be able to work with him again. I'd say the 2016 Grammy Awards were a success in my book!!

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