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Hi, thanks for coming to my website!

Since I started talking, I’ve been entertaining audiences of all sizes, from the couch in my parent’s living room to crowded comedy clubs to your radio and TV. 


I remember the first time I made someone laugh. I was around seven years old, pretending to be a talk show host. I pointed to my baby picture on our living room wall, "As you can see, I have no hair in this photo. How is that bow staying on my head? My mother used Scotch tape." Sad but true, I was bald until I was three.


The person I made laugh was my older brother's friend, and she blew milk straight out of her nose. At that moment, I knew I wanted to make people laugh for the rest of my life. That joke needed some work, but it got a reaction that I never imagined. I still shoot for milk out of the nose in all my work. 


I am an incredibly passionate Actor, Comedian, Voice Actor, and Radio Personality who has worked in the industry for years, and I'm ready to start working with you on any projects you may have in mind.

Currently living and lounging in Los Angeles, originally from Boston. I have a home studio and can work with you wherever you are!

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